Wednesday, April 14, 2010

What's a Couple More Kids??

I don't know about you but we love loud and crazy get togethers where there is just kids running all over and playing while my friends and I visit.  Well....friend.  Between my friend and I we have 9 kids.  Oh wait, this leads me into a funny story.

Yesterday I was with my friend Michele and we had the kids stay with the dads so we could run to the store.  While we were there I overheard a guy tell his buddy, "Man, you don't want this life.  It's tough".  I looked and his two kids were in the cart.  I was sad he said that in front of them.  (That's not the funny part).  Anyway, I said "Sure you do.  You should have a couple more eventually too.  In fact, between my friend and I we have 9 kids and we love it!"  The guy and his buddy looked at us funny and got quiet.  I said, "Oh, not together!  We are FRIENDS and when we get together, between her and I, we have 9 kids!"  We all laughted. Phew. I had to clarify that.

Anyway, usually we get together every week at her house or mine and the kids just go wild crazy having fun together.  That day I also asked two more kids to come over so they had fun with our kids too.  LOL.  I asked them to all get in the hallway for a picture and this is what I got.  You can barely see Ashley but 9 of them are there.  There would have been 10 in the picture but Ryan was spending the night at his friend's house and Caleb of course couldn't be in the picture so I guess that would have made 11.  So there was only 10 there that night till about 2:20am.  Yeah, I know.  Late partiers  It's clean parties though.  :)  Thought I should clarify.  Hey, maybe thats why Christians call it fellowshipping.  If we say party, people might think something.  Ohhh, I thought you were a Christian!  lol.  So, I guess you can say we were FELLOWSHIPPING.

In second pic I noticed kid was missing so I yelled out "Hey Alexandra!  We need you in the picture!"  So she pops her head in for the second pic.  Chaz loves doing this.  He obviously loves Spiderman.
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