Friday, April 16, 2010

I Love Church!

Before Sunday night service we always have platform practice for the people that sing on the stage and it's fun getting together, learning harmonies, talking, being silly, singing new songs, or practicing ones we're going to sing that night.  The guy below is our assistant pastor but he's also our song leader. 
This lady below, well... this lady is crazy.  She has four kids!  What's wrong with her?  Doesn't she know what causes that????  Heh, heh.  Just kidding Kristy.  She's our very talented and young pianist.  She puts my piano tinkering to shame.  She's a sweetheart though.  Don't let her fool you.  She may look tough but she's a gummy bear.  J/K.

This is the view from my seat.  We're not a mega church (about 300) but I love it because we're all family and it's I love remembering who the person is that sits next to me!  LOL.  It's grown so much though since we came a decade ago that it's starting to get super crowded.  (Except when the choir gets up and a quarter of the church is up there.  lol)  The usher even asked me if this lady could sit on my lap but I drew the line on that one.   Just kidding.  OH yeah, we have a TON of kids in the nursey.  It's pastor's fault.  He keeps telling us that children are a blessing from the Lord and being a mother is a high calling.  Darn it!  It makes having a family to hard when he talks like that.  J/K!  haha.  Seriously though.  People love kids and tonight it seems half the church was either in the nursery or in children's church.

Pastor Mammen (I know.  What an interesting last name for a pastor!  LOL. He's used to the jokes though, at least it's not spelled the same as Mammon in the bible),  giving anouncements.
Our Choir!  I love how Pastor Dodd puts in surprises sometimes.  Tonight was a rockin' cool night (no, we don't have chandeliers and we don't dance down the aisles).  I just mean I loved what he did tonight with the Choir.  There was this one song where instead of ending it, they repeated the chorus while they'll all lined up to go sit back down and they were still all singing while going to their seats.  Eventually, the whole church was singing along with them and I loved it!  One they were all seated, the song ended.  The song had a theme of telling all the world about Jesus. 

Pastor Dodd directing the choir

There's my mom on the right.  Yay mom! 


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing the pics and such! My family dearly misses Pastor Dodd and Rachel, here in Denver. So sad they had to go, but praying great things for them and their family! Also miss Monica and Pastor Casey (hard for me to say, since I never knew him with the pastor title :)).