Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Sunday!

I hope you guys had an awesome Easter! Jesus is the reason for the season. :)

The procrastinator that I am, there was no easter baskets for us to buy. It seems like before I turn around from the last holiday, they are already putting up stuff for the next one. I'll be like, "oh, that's nice. Easter is coming." Then people start calling me about plans. I'm like, "Isn't it way off? Isn't there still time?" Then a relative sends me a note saying "Can't wait to see you this weekend!" What? This weekened? You're kidding me! Somehow, it's the very last night before Easter and I say "Charles, we need to go to the store? Where can we go last minute?"

It's 10pm, the night before Easter, and we pull our van in at Walmart. Walmarts open late! I go in and all I see are, well, lots of parents like me. Procrastinators. All that's left are really crappy baskets. I mean, do they seriously think I'm gonna pay $20 for some really cruddy toys shoved in a basket? Those toys would break as soon as my kid touched it!

All my kids basically would like is some candy and I usually throw in a cool toy. Even the baskets by themselves, unfilled, were priced at $10. That's so crazy. Heck, I'll make my own basket. Well, I went past the moms that are furiously digging through overpriced and unfilled baskets. I walk into different areas looking for ideas. If I am going to do anything like this, I like to have a theme. So I chose a summer theme (like I did last year) and it was about swimming. I remember them asking me for some goggles and swimming stuff. So I found sand buckets for a buck a piece. Found them each a pair of goggles and throw rings for the pool, put some candy in. Whah lah! Easter baskets that are useable. My kids loved it and it wasn't money down the toilet. I was gonna by them that stuff anyway since we're already swimming.

Above, here they are checking out their stuff.  They loooved goggles and begged me to take them swimming that week so of course I did.  I hate wasting money on stuff people wouldn't actually use.
Aaaagh!  Einstein hair!  Hello!  Ashley with a dolly her papa got her for Easter.

Ahhhh.... keeping boys shirts tucked in is tough.  I love my kids matching.  I'm just getting away with it while I can.  Heh heh.  Caleb has a vest on too but you can't see it.  We're off to church to celebrate Jesus!  The real reason for Easter.

Ivy checking out some more goods her grandparents got her and some from my mom also.  After church we headed to my hubby's parents and family.  They had an Easter egg hunt there.  Pretty nifty!  Phew, a busy day too.

Hey, look!  Kyle shirt is untucked in this picture too!  So cute.  :)  This is my husband's family.  It's not often we can all get together so we grab a picture while we can. Don't worry, the blonde that has her hand on that guy with the baby is me. 


Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Cute pics of your family! :)

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Your kids look so cute dressed up for Easter Sunday!

Four boys and two girls, huh? You outdid me by two girls -- I have four sons.

Come on over for some mom inspiration and encouragement.

momto9 said...

what lovely pictures!! And reat ideas for Easter baskets too....I just did an Easter egg hunt...well not eggs but good quality chocolate:)We also had games and a treasure hunt at church.
The untucked shirts look so sute:)