Thursday, April 15, 2010

My Friend's Wedding

There are so many different kinds of friends these days. There are neighbor friends, Facebook friends, church friends, blog friends, friends of friends that you see at candle parties and then meet up again at a Mary Kay party, best friends you actually have over all the time, etc. You know what I mean?  These are my friends from another church and at one point I had lived next to Natalie when we were little. She found me on Facebook after all these years and so we picked back up our friendship again.  Well, she got married on Sunday and since I got an invitation, we all headed over to see her.  Well, she goes to a church I used to attend all growing up so then I got to visit and reminense with those friends.  It was great! I only see them at special events or (eeks) a funeral.  I love them like crazy and it's so good visiting when we all get back together at times like these. 

Whenever we get a picture together, for some reason I always have my huge heels on and she always has her shoes off. So I just resorted to calling her shorty and that's that.  :)  The top picture, I had bent way down to be next to her.  Natalie, short is cute so no worries!  LOL

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