Friday, April 23, 2010

Permission To Get Messy

We're known for making our own Mud Mania in our back yard but since it's still too cold for that, we opted for a chocolate one.  I made some of these yummy above and told everyone, get as messy as you can!  Baths will come later.  Sigh. It still wasn't nearly as messy as Mud Mania but it will have to do.

Ivy and Kerrie just would not go beyond this.  Girls don't do stuff like that!  Where were the boys in this?  They totally missed out.  They were probably off playing and had no idea that I said we can get messy.

Ashley is pretty proud of herself.  I mean, you have to know her.  She HATES messy hands.  Can't stand it!  Right after this she asked me to wash her hands ASAP.

Caleb had to play whether he was asked to or not.  :D  He was making that face because he was getting a small sample of chocolate. 

And the winner is..........

Alexandra!!!  Dang, you go girl! 


Anonymous said...

Oh my they look so yummy! And the kiddos look adorable ;)

Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Strawberries and chocolate! Yummm.

momto9 said...

Oh boy those look good! A good way to get some fruit into them huh?:)
Your daughter has incredible eyes!!

SwagBucks Tricks said...

Awesome pics Virginia..

Followed you here as well =)

~ SwagBucksTricks