Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Damage Control

I love that someday my kids are gonna look back and ask me questions about these pictures.  It's cute that Ivy stuck a binky in the toy's mouth.  That she doesn't realize how she put her little sister's headband on wrong. 

What a cutie!

Kids are cute.  Kids make me slow down but they also speed me up so I'm confused about that.

The last 4 days we've had extra kids over. Different kids at different times but our ship (house) is definitely sinking.  We need serious damage control.  I have trained my kids pretty well about how not to trash a place and to put things back but it's harder to control it when you have lots of little extras running around.  :)  So my kids are complaining about how much extra they are doing for their chores this week.  I told them that maybe next time they'll pay more attention while the mess is being made when their friends are here and might want to do something to prevent it. We'll see how that goes!  :)

After all the fun and with a new week that started, I sit back and wonder why I spend so much time cleaning.  So this week I'm focusing on just homeschooling rather than worry about how fast I get the house back in good order.  So if you show up and you are swimming through the mess, I apologize.  Or maybe not.  :) 

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Chris H said...

I don't think is matters how she put on that headband, she is totally adorable no matter what!