Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Water Fun in Desolate Backyard!

We are having fun with all nine kids running around here. Right now they are playing Hide and Seek and it is quite wild. Most of the time though, they are all just doing there own thing somewhere around the house. Reading, playing VFlash or VSmile, or just talking to each other. It is fun watching them all interact. They are having so much fun with each other. Anyhow, our backyard is so desolate and we have so much work to do on it. While they were all playing in the water outside, I was pulling "pokie weeds". The ones that hurt real bad because they had thorns. On top of it all, it's real muddy so I had mud all over me and kids kept spraying me while I was working. Ha ha. So here is a pic of some of them playing. Debra, the bookworm, was reading inside the house. :) Once they leave, I will be planting grass seed and all that so hopefully we'll get more than just a few patches of grass that we have.
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