Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Jack is Back!

Do you remember how I said awhile back that Ryan's rooster, Jack, flew over the fence you see in the picture and died? Well, we believe he was attacked by our Great Dane Daisy. We think. There were no signs of foul play. Anyhow, so we were sad because we lost our "only" rooster. You know, when they are baby chicks, it's kind of hard to tell between a rooster and a hen. Well, the other day my husband woke me up real early and said there was a funny noise out by the chickens. He said it sounds like one of them is trying to crow. Um.... okaaaay. I thought we only had 3 hens left?? Later when I got up in went into the kitchen, I heard some funky crowing going on. Ha ha. I had heard it's pretty funny sounding when they first start out. The kids were just laughing and laughing everytime they heard it. The white one we know for sure is a hen. Jack, in the middle of the second picture with some black and cream feathers, is the rooster. I am suspicious of the other cream colored one to the right. I really, really hope it's a hen. Oh well, I'll find out sooner or later. Either I'll find out by it trying to crow, or the two roosters will fight. I'm really hoping it's a hen. When I ordered them, I ordered 3 hens! Ha ha!
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