Monday, July 21, 2008

VBS Week

Here is a video of my 3 year old, Ivy, running in the relay race. They had to put on a big hat and jacket to run. Also some pics of the last part of race and the teams who won. Chaz was on one team and Ryan was on another. You can see all my boys and then Ivy in it. :D

Sorry, I have been so behind! I usually blog about everything that goes on but lately it has been a little tough. Soooo, after the incident with IKEA, I had to miss the first day, Monday, at VBS. But.... I was excited to return the rest of the week. :) It was hard for the first couple of days on crutches walking around but when I was able to rid of the crutches, it was much easier. Ha ha! Especially because of the stairs. It was so fun and all my kids were on different teams, there were four different ones. I was wanting their team to win but then they were all rivalries with each other! LOL! Here are just lots and lots of pics.... I have so many that I mostly just put some that my kids are in but I have others on here too of workers and stuff. There is a picture of Machelle breaking up an argument between my son Kyle and his friend. LOL.. also them snacking, making crafts, the red team making a strategy, and a picture of some of the kids praying at the alter they have at the end everyday (you can see Ivy peeking over their shoulders). There is a pic of my nephew, Kelvyn, making a sword. This year the theme was Armor of God.

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