Sunday, July 27, 2008

Kyle's Heartbreak

On Friday, as a family we all headed to mall. We had such a great time just browsing around and then heading to Gameworks to play games. Oh, that is just so fun. Anyhow, after we left the mall, Kyle said, "Someone stole my Bunny"! By then the mall was closed and there was no way we could turn around to get it. You have to understand. This is HIS BUNNY. He LOVES his Bunny. It's his big and floppy stuffed animal that he cuddles all night and during the day very often. When we arrived home, Kyle slowly climbed out of the car and looked up at me. He said, "Mommy, mommy.... my heart hurts!!!" I looked at him in alarm and I said, "how does it hurt???" With big tears, he started to cry and he said, "My heart hurts because it's broken mommy!" I just swooped him up into my arms and I just cried and cried with him. I told him how I understood the pain. I told him that when I was little, I also had a bunny just like him. Except mine was pink. But it was floppy just like his bunny. I told Kyle that I slept with it every night. I understood how much that bunny meant to him. I just held him a long time and I promised him that we would all go on a mission to find Bunny the next day. So, true to our word, the next day we all headed out. We all gathered together and said we were on a mission to find his bunny. We know he left it in one of those green rented strollers you can get. We checked, security, lost and found, checked the area where you rent those strollers. We even walked around and looked into the back (the best we could from a distance) with everyone who had rented one and walked past us. After almost and hour and a half of searching, we told Kyle we did everything we could. So now we're on another mission to find him a new bunny. Every night he says how much he misses his bunny. So sad! I'm hoping I get lucky because I know how much it means to him. My poor Kyle! I wish I could've gotten it back for him. :( See the picture? Mr. Bunny is even playing games with them! He goes everywhere with Kyle.
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