Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Mishap At IKEA

Well, all went really well last week with the kids we got to take care of. We truly had a good time and it convinced me all the more why I don't want to get my tubes tied! You never know when you might just change your mind. :D

Anyhow, on to the story. I went to IKEA to get a bunkbed for the boys we have been wanting to get for a long time. It holds one boy on the top and two, because it's a full size, on the bottom. We've been wanting it forever and since Charles got off work early on Monday, we headed over there. We got a heavy duty type of cart that is low to the ground to hold the heavy boxes we needed. I started to push the cart towards the registers but somehow it quickly went sideways where I was standing and into my ankle. It hit my ankle very hard, tore some of the flesh and quickly sent a cold rush up and down my leg. I didn't think it was much until the pain hit. Charles knows I get real quiet when I'm in pain so he started asking me questions. My dad was there too and he also kept asking me questions. I was in too much pain to talk and I was trying to hold back the tears. Right away I couldn't walk so Charles set me on the heavy cart alongside the bunkbed. While checking out, I just put my head down where no one could see and I let the tears come. I didn't even cry when I gave birth! That's just crazy pain. I was still quiet while giving birth but I think that pain was so bad I just was speechless. Ha ha! It's really just that I'm not very vocal when I'm in pain. So after he checks the stuff out and pays for it, he wheels me over to the manager. He sits me on a big couch and I'm just rocking back and forth in agony. While him and my dad are loading bunk beds onto the van, I tell the manager what happened. By then I'm just crying and crying, so I couldn't talk. Finally I was able to get story out. He gets the accident form filled out and puts me into a wheel chair. He tells me that IKEA has insurance and will cover all the medical costs. Sooo, he wheels me to the van and I get in. Still I am crying and crying. The kids are just really quiet in the van and telling me soothing things to calm me down. So cute. I was SOOOOO bummed because this is Vacation Bible School week and I am a volunteer!!!! Charles wanted to head straight to the hospital but I said no, no, no,... we have to take kids to VBS. THEN we can go to hospital. They are so excited about it I didn't want them sad. So we drop them off and I head to my favorite ER that rarely ever has a wait. Then start cleaning off some of the dead skin and put on a bandage. Then they wheeled me in for XRay after giving me powerful meds. It really worked because then I wasn't rocking in bed anymore from pain. LOL. The XRay doesn't show anything broken or fractured. Thank goodness! He said they don't have anything to show injury to tendons, muscles, or other things like that. He said the best he can say is it was a trauma to the ankle and foot. By then it was swollen really bad and it hurt all the way up to my knee. He gave me an air cast and crutches and said I'll probably be walking in 4-5 days. He sent home some Vicodin for the pain and to help me sleep. Me, being a cheapskate said, "I'll wait". I couldn't sleep the whole night from pain. So Charles went early in morning after the church prayer meeting and got the meds. By Tuesday, I still wanted to volunteer for VBS so I have been so far this week. Thankfully they have been able to find a useful position for me, registering the kids, but otherwise I feel useless! Argh! I have been taking a lot of photos for them along with some other people so that is nice. I'm just glad to be able to do something for God. It is always a privilege to help in any sort of ministry. Today I was able to move my toes a little so I'm excited. I cannot walk on it still. My hands and sides are bruised from the crutches and the Tetnis shot they gave me feels like someone beat the crud out of my arm! Ha ha! Charles has had to take work off because I'm not able to care for the little ones. He's got the whole week off. I don't know what I would have done without him! It's a big money loss for sure but it has to be done. Thankfully I have such a wonderful husband and he has such a great boss. :)
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