Monday, July 07, 2008

Adventures with 9!

This week I get to watch my friends four kids while they are off to a conference in a different town. So I will have a total of 9 kids from Monday-Saturday! So far we are about to play a huge game of Hide and Seek! :D It truly is fun. Still, I can't believe I only have HALF of the Duggar family. They will be having 18! This is so much more fun than I thought. It's loud at times but as long as you take aspirin and drink coffee, it's good. Ha ha. No seriously. Here is a great pic of all the cuties. We just had to have a round of baths after my daughter Ivy went around and poured chocolate milk over all the little one's head. Including herself. After one of the older girls told me, I went to check on Ashley in her high chair. She had chocolate milk running down from the top of her head onto the tray and she was just smiling. She was playing with the milk in her tray. I was like "oh my goodness". LOL!
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