Saturday, July 12, 2008

Eating Time for 12!

So in one picture I'm showing you how cute it is to have 9 plates together with heart shaped sandwiches for lunch. For breakfast, that you see in the other pictures, we are all gathered together for pancakes and eggs. I always love Better Homes and Gardens for their recipe. The pancakes come out so fluffy! Once the batter was put together, Debra was cooking them for us and making all kind of interesting shapes with cookie cutters. :) The kitchen was always pretty packed as we were not used to housing 10 kids! Ha ha. You can't see all the kids in the picture. I think there is only 8 you see there. Michael was hiding behind Charles and baby Ashley was hard to get in picture. Mealtimes were always a loud and fun affair! It was a nice time working together on meals and talking with each other. Once meal time was over, everyone scattered to either play Hide and Seek, skate on all the tile, read books, or just generally run around! :)
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