Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Fun At The Mall (Update: Added Video)

Ryan (in green shirt) is such a ham. He's always that one that is posing or making goofy faces for pics. But I like it like that because I like natural photos. He's just goofy. Ha ha. I had an appointment there at the mall so we all drove out there. The kids love the carousel because it's a double decker. You know how they have vending machines? Well, I found a "Nanny" one. It vends out diapers, rash cream, wipes, bottles, formula, pacifiers. My gosh. MORE PLACES NEED THESE. Why didn't I think of that??? Smart, smart, smart. I bought badly needed wipes from it. They even have pull-ups and baby snacks. Oh man, I should've taken a picture. I'm so picture happy all the time I might as well have. My mom and I call ourselves the "papperazi's" However you spell that. Anyhoo, it was an all nighter there as it usually is with us. We love just walking around. It was really nice last night though because the there was no half dressed teens there this time. I don't know where they were. School is out. My kids will usually say really loud, "Ohhhh, mom, that is really bad. That girl is showing her chee-chee's!" Then we turn bright red. You'd be surprised though. My pastor said mom's are the worst ones at times. If you go to the play area, Charles usually will go somewhere else for awhile because moms wear tiny shirts and when they bend down, you can see everything. I think it's because they have babies and kids, so they have more to show, and they are proud of it! Ha ha! I know where they are coming from...but still! It helps to have some some modesty. My husband thinks I'm "undershirt" happy. I'm always buying cute undershirts to go under all my shirts. The way they make them, you have to. Since I hate regular t-shirts (because I like to be feminine), I have to always wear an undershirt. I bought two more the other day at New York & Co. LOL.
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