Thursday, August 01, 2013

Rescuing Sad Animals

Our long haired chihuahua
I've done a lot of animal rescues in the past and still do.  If I find out a dog, cat, rabbit, etc, isn't being cared for, hungry, sad, lonely... I try to take them in and care for them a bit before finding a forever home for them.  I've had friends and strangers get the impression that I get animals to keep them and then decide I don't want them anymore.  Just because I fall in love with an animal for a couple of weeks doesn't mean that I intend on having them for good.  I can't help but rescue animals.  Just like I rescued a dying horse once, it doesn't matter what animal it is. I have a dog right now I'm trying to find a home for and boy is he LOVING!!! I've been cuddling him tons and getting to know him before I find a forever home. I have to know the dog's personality before I find a home and I also am picky about who they go with. I'm writing this blog in hopes that the hate mail can stop.  No, I don't have a revolving door of animals because I'm cold hearted. Yes, I love animals and if I find out one is in trouble, needs a home, or is unwell I will take them in till they are better.

A Chihuahua we rescued
When I was little I would find injured animals and take them in till they were better.  One time I took in a bird with a broken leg, wrapped the leg, fed it.  About a week later it flew away completely healthy.  I was soooo happy.  Often, especially in the winter, I would find animals like this.  My poor mom had to endure me bringing them in the house.  Ha ha. 

There is a dog recently a friend gifted me that is a keeper.  He fits right in with my Great Dane and long haired Chihuahua.  He's staying.  However, he looked like a raggedy doll when I got him!  lol.  He is my dream dog, a Yorkshire Terrier.  Why is he my dream dog?  Yorkshire Terriers don't have fur like other dogs.  Theirs is more like human hair that you have to care for.  So funny!  I love it!  I have to brush his hair just like I do all my other kids.  When I got him he was matted everywhere and dirty.  Still gorgeous but raggedy.  I know the owners and they are really, really sweet.  They both work and just had no time to be with him so they wanted to give him to a good home where he'd get lots of attention. Well, there are eight people here all day, every day so Benji has plenty of time with us!  Well, Benji is a boy but he is enduring a lot of girlie things because of his awesome hair.  Yesterday I bathed him, conditioned him, and then blow dried his hair straight.  Oh my goodness.  It was like a dog makeover.  I loved every minute of it.  LOL. (How Yorkies should look).

Example of a dog with matted hair before:
After grooming my Yorkie:

Sooooo cute, right?  Sigh, I love animals. 


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Anonymous said...

Ok, Im looking for a Yorkie & you are given one. You are so lucky! Well if you are feeling generous I'll take him. Lol!

Jodee (Your sister)

For other peoples information. Im not part of the family that leaves rude comments. :)