Thursday, August 01, 2013

Rescuing Sad Animals

Our long haired chihuahua
I've done a lot of animal rescues in the past and still do.  If I find out a dog, cat, rabbit, etc, isn't being cared for, hungry, sad, lonely... I try to take them in and care for them a bit before finding a forever home for them.  I've had friends and strangers get the impression that I get animals to keep them and then decide I don't want them anymore.  Just because I fall in love with an animal for a couple of weeks doesn't mean that I intend on having them for good.  I can't help but rescue animals.  Just like I rescued a dying horse once, it doesn't matter what animal it is. I have a dog right now I'm trying to find a home for and boy is he LOVING!!! I've been cuddling him tons and getting to know him before I find a forever home. I have to know the dog's personality before I find a home and I also am picky about who they go with. I'm writing this blog in hopes that the hate mail can stop.  No, I don't have a revolving door of animals because I'm cold hearted. Yes, I love animals and if I find out one is in trouble, needs a home, or is unwell I will take them in till they are better.

A Chihuahua we rescued
When I was little I would find injured animals and take them in till they were better.  One time I took in a bird with a broken leg, wrapped the leg, fed it.  About a week later it flew away completely healthy.  I was soooo happy.  Often, especially in the winter, I would find animals like this.  My poor mom had to endure me bringing them in the house.  Ha ha. 

There is a dog recently a friend gifted me that is a keeper.  He fits right in with my Great Dane and long haired Chihuahua.  He's staying.  However, he looked like a raggedy doll when I got him!  lol.  He is my dream dog, a Yorkshire Terrier.  Why is he my dream dog?  Yorkshire Terriers don't have fur like other dogs.  Theirs is more like human hair that you have to care for.  So funny!  I love it!  I have to brush his hair just like I do all my other kids.  When I got him he was matted everywhere and dirty.  Still gorgeous but raggedy.  I know the owners and they are really, really sweet.  They both work and just had no time to be with him so they wanted to give him to a good home where he'd get lots of attention. Well, there are eight people here all day, every day so Benji has plenty of time with us!  Well, Benji is a boy but he is enduring a lot of girlie things because of his awesome hair.  Yesterday I bathed him, conditioned him, and then blow dried his hair straight.  Oh my goodness.  It was like a dog makeover.  I loved every minute of it.  LOL. (How Yorkies should look).

Example of a dog with matted hair before:
After grooming my Yorkie:

Sooooo cute, right?  Sigh, I love animals. 


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