Monday, August 26, 2013

More Than a Perfect House Mom

So I finally, finally, finally got my children's homeschool books in the mail.  I've been waiting for so long it seems.  I truly thought I'd be excited to have the whole summer off but I was so bored!  I discovered how much I like a solid but some room for a fun schedule.  We decided to get off the internet schooling bit and try some books.  It's nice for a change.  :)  I want to see how the kids do getting to pick where they work on their books.  Who knew I couldn't imagine sending away my kids to school every day?  I miss them when they are away at their enrichment classes twice a week.  My husband had to talk me into that one because two days was too many for me.  Ladies ask me at times why I would want my kids home all day with me.  My answer?   Because one day they'll move away and I'll wish them to be home.  I don't know what next year holds but for now, my babies are home.  ;)

Silly pic!
I still remember when Charles sat me down one day and told me that although he liked how clean the house was, he wondered how well I knew my kids.  At first I was offended but I listened.  He wanted me to worry less about a perfect house and more about our kids likes and dislikes. More than flavor of syrup.  Deeper stuff.  I promised him I would try.  I have to clarify I'm extremely far from being a perfectionist.  That doesn't mean I never tried to have a decent house.  I worked very hard at being a good housewife. I left out being a really good mom though.  A mom is more than someone who bathes, diapers, and feeds. She feeds the soul, learns the heart, and solves issues.  She prays to be a discerning mom who knows what's being said in between the lines.  I wasn't that mom but because Charles pointed it out, risked offending me, I figured out how to aim towards it.  My first kid is now a teen.  EEK!!!  I seriously need God's wisdom.  I may not have hit any rough patches but that doesn't mean I'm na├»ve enough to think none will come.  I DO remember my teen years and I'm praying God's grace runs deep, deep.  Heh heh.

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