Monday, August 05, 2013

Christianity- Back To The Basics

Back to the basics.  My thought for today.  I think as Christians, as humans, we tend to worry more about other people's business than ourselves.  Are other people acting Christian?  Are they following the bible exactly?  Are they praying and reading their bible?  Are they outreaching?  Are they picking friends wisely?  It may just be me but I think if every person focused more on themselves rather than what other people are doing, maybe there would be less fighting in the church, in the home or among friends.  It's DIFFERENT when you're talking about your spiritual leaders (in my opinion).  That's a whole different ball game.  People that are supposed to be leading you in Christ, interpreting scripture, or counseling your family should have an open book of standards being held.  That said, how much is it my business where people choose to worship? 

pretty simple, right?
Back to the basics.  Choosing a place of worship based on the bible should be a careful thought out process.  It should be done with bible in hand, comparing the pastor's words with the scriptures.  Do they line up?  Is this where I want my family to worship?  Secondly, the people.  Do I want these people influencing my children?  Are they encouraging me to want to serve or are they busy bodies?  Do they focus more on people's faults rather than encouraging them?  NONE of us are perfect.  We all fall short.  We make mistakes, say things we shouldn't say, hold anger at times towards each other, struggle with forgiving, have times of needless bickering. So why should we spend so much time making sure other people are living for God the way we think they should?  Not to be extreme but if I were a sinner looking from the outside, this would scare me away!  I wouldn't want to touch it with a 10 foot pole!  No church should be a gang that jumps people in or out.  "Hey, if you don't go to my church, we're through."  That is a scary place to be I would think.  Would God judge me in the same measure I judge them?  On the other hand, when someone does decide to leave, I would hope they wouldn't try to take people out with them as revenge.  If they do, that's a different story and God will judge them.  We should never be a stumbling block to others.

Back to the basics.  Love God, read my bible, pray, attend services to learn, share Jesus with other so they might know Him.  That's pretty basic, right?  Not too hard.  Now, it will become much harder if I try to force other people to do exactly the same. Let God be their judge.  Let God judge their heart. He knows better than we do.  It's not a sin to go on a week, or even two, long vacation.  Christianity isn't perfectly attending every service.  It's not how many doors you knock on.  Christianity isn't how perfectly you live your life.  We are saved by God's grace and his grace alone.  Not by our works.  We do these thing because we love Him.  Not because we want fire insurance so it keeps God from flinging us into hell.  Yes, we need church.  The bible says not to forsake it.  But it was never about being the perfect Christian that does everything to the rule book without mistake.

Maybe judge less.  Go back to the basics of what Christianity is all about. Love God with all your heart, mind, and soul.  Serve others. 

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