Friday, August 30, 2013

Crazy Transitions

I'm going thru such a crazy transition phase in my life that I hardly recognize myself. I'm used to following a certain path because I'm told to but I know less about finding my own way. The same way goes with cooking. I always follow recipes and NEVER veer off of it. I find comfort in a routine and freak out on the inside till I get back in the well worn groove. Hope I'm making sense. I used to be an adventurer and in some ways still am. Just not in every area. I DO believe in going to church and having guidance of the scriptures.

Some of the brightest days of my Christianity was during the seven years I attended a mom's group called Homemaker By Choice. I learned soooo much on how to be a Christian, wife, and mother. I felt they had given me a biblical guidance when I was so new to mommyhood. Now, the leader that started the group is on Family Life radio reaching to a lot more moms. ;) She never made a dime teaching us. I'm so grateful to her. We would meet every Thursday and have breakfast while our kids met in their own small groups. While the kids are being taught and moms are eating, we would listen to the lesson. After the lesson we would meet in small groups of our choosing. I looked forward so much to Thursdays! One year I got to teach a kids class and it was amazing. That's when I realized how much I wanted to teach little ones. More than numbers and letters but about God's Word!  ;) It was so rewarding. I'm amazed that God gave me so many of my own little ones to teach. Wowee!

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