Monday, September 02, 2013

Small Town Fun and a Church Picnic

Because of all the stress of the last couple of weeks I badly wanted to get out of town and hang out with a friend.  :) I drove alllll the way to a little town called Prescott to see my friend Michele and also attend her church picnic.  It was so fun!  I'm not used to ever going to one like that and I loved how all the families played sports together.  Pretty sweet!  My husband played volleyball with the guys and my kids had lots of fun with other kids they've never met.  After a few hours, Michele and I slipped off to walk to a Starbucks.  Seems everything is walking distance there.  So small! 

I'm such a big city girl I can't imagine not having everything at my fingertips.  We love adventures such as gym memberships, zoo memberships, science memberships, waterparks, and every fun place in between.  Michele has tried to talk me into moving to her small town a million times but she's barking up the wrong tree.  Heh heh.  I love her AND her church but it's just not happening.  Being the adventurers we are, we'd have that place scoped out in a month.  I was so bored  after a bit I wanted to check out the local graveyard. That's bored.  She's never boring though.  :)

While at the church picnic I felt something crawling up my leg. All of a sudden it starting chomping on my leg.  I know it wasn't an ant because I grabbed it through my pants and squished it.  Was disgusting and painful. I was in so much pain and that little booger kept biting me.  I almost ripped my pants off right there but had to run a ways to get to the bathroom.  Can't rip my pants off in the park.  Or with a church there.  Or anywhere.

 My husband is in all black

She alone is worth the drive to Prescott so I have no issue driving there.  If she ever moves away and is no longer there, I may drive to church conferences once or twice a year but that's IT!  I did get to see the memorial for the 19 firefighter Hot Shots that were killed in the recent forest fire.  It was a sight to see.  We got quiet as we passed by it and gazed out our windows.  :(

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