Sunday, September 08, 2013

Chores with a Thankful Heart

Man, as happy as I am that summer is over, homeschool year started with a bang. The boys on their very first day were like, "it's too hard!" Sigh. Seriously?  My boys should know by now that every single day I stay constant with the routine. The have never gotten me to cave so it's surprising they still try so hard. It really bugs me. Consistency is soooo important with homeschool. Breaks are good in routines but not when it's derived from a complaining heart and laziness.

Chores. Same here!  If they complain about their simple chores I add extra for that day. Whyyyyyy do they ask every day to have a day off? I never make them do chores on the Lord's day. That's all of our day off. Soooo, why the complaining? Charles says to relax. They're humans and humans complain. I don't know. I don't think there should be. As if I like to clean every day. It would annoy them if I walked around all day moaning about my work. Haha. I have way more chores! I believe we can all work with a thankful heart. Why?  Because if we didn't have all these blessings there'd be nothing to clean. We'd be on the street. We just try to live simply so there isn't SO MUCH to clean. The Duggar mom said if they are overwhelmed at chore time that might mean you have too much stuff. So much truth to that. This is why we go through extreme decluttering often.

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