Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Homemaker Lacking in The Hospitality Department

I've been starting to notice a pattern abut me. Not sure I like it and kind of embarrassing to admit. Opening up my house to visitors often has never been a strong desire to me. I know people that LOVE to have people over and don't care how much time passes. I call their house grand central station because there seems to be a constant flow of guests. I have never really desired that and neither does my husband. We both realize why last night. Our home often feels like a safe place. A place of no judgment, no criticism. It doesn't matter how we look or how perfect things look. Completely relaxed. With the busyness of life, that often feels like our only sanctuary. My husband agrees exactly. We never knew why we both just never felt inclined to have parties and stuff. We really enjoy that private time as a family and the easiness of it. I really felt when I had my family and all our kids that we were truly our own tribe. I enjoy them so much I could easily hide away and I know I shouldn't. Someday they'll be gone and I'll look around and realize I have no friends. Haha. Then again, Charles is my best, best, best friend so that's not a scary thought. We were friends a year before we ever dated and still get along great.

I seriously need to work on that hospitality thing. I guess. If it reaches out to other people and helps grow friendships I should. Well, to tell you the truth, when I want to hang out with a friend I like to go hang out somewhere! Staying home just doesn't seem exciting. Maybe that's part of the problem too.  I work at home all day and if I want to have fun I take the party out of the house! Haha.

These pics are of my new church friends and a lady offers cooking classes. She has no qualm about inviting 25 ladies over to her house every other week and giving lessons. It's a ton of work for her and she is amazing. I would forget so much and get so nervous I'd burn it! Haha. We make our own meals and bring it home to our family. I've learned some DELICIOUS stuff!

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