Thursday, August 08, 2013

Sleeping At The Office-Exhausting days

It's been a tough week.  My husband has been working almost 24 hours a day.  No joke.  It's 1am, we are at the office and we're not leaving anytime soon.  As soon as I get home in the wee hours I have to pack up for the guys to go camping. Thankfully since Charles is having a father/son camping trip he gets time off.  He planned for it so it's gonna happen for sure. His office hired a new designer to help out but he isn't coming till September.  My poor husband has been taking naps in his office, only an hour at a time.  It's just crazy.  We come with him at night to keep company and the little kids find spots to rest in sleeping bags.  I'm usually up with him and get a little rest later but since I have to pack them up for camping, I won't get any sleep today. 

The girls first day of enrichment classes are today.  It's school for them and they are so excited!  Since they homeschool, I sign them up for some classes twice a week.  It's a school only open to homeschool kids and you pick the day you want them to go.  You wouldn't believe how amazing the kids are.  It's the most polite playground you will ever see compared to homeschool kids.  Non of that crazy, negative peer pressure stuff I was so used to.  I took the girls school shopping  yesterday and they were so excited!  This is Ashley's first year.  I got them backpacks, clothes, and shoes.  They even slipped in a couple of Hello Kitty hats.  The girls will giggling all day today trying on their new outfits.  It's so hard taking girls shopping because they want everything in sight.  It's so different when I take my boys. They're like, "this'll do."

I still haven't decided on which homeschool program I want to go with this year.  Very undecided.  If I ever go on Facebook and ask for some ideas I get overloaded by a 100 different opinions.  I'm sure they're all valid, I just think everyone has different tastes.  Makes it hard for me to decide.  Sigh.  Just goes to show you there is no perfect ONE homeschool.  So many people I know mix and match from different resources.  I need one that is a good fit for a large family.  I am excited because at their enrichment school, I picked some subjects I didn't want to worry about teaching at home.  I usually like them to learn science in a lab rather than at home.  I'm so incredibly blessed they have a school that offers these classes for homeschooled kids.  Wow!

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