Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Finding Friends Again

I like my blog.  :D

I truly do because I've made it my own and no matter how many phone calls I've gotten, being told how I should write it, and even anonymous hate mail.... I've made it my own. 

Do you know how cool it is to look back on the history of your own blog and recall all the memories you might of otherwise forgotten?  To read about cute things little ones said or see how much has changed.  It's just soooooo neat!  Would it be an accurate blog if I blogged according to people's suggestions or threats?  Nooooo, it would not.  My bloggy blog.  :D I started writing this in March of 2006.  Ivy was almost 1 year old.  My only regret is I didn't start it back in 2000 with my first born son.  Ohhhhh, you would've really seen some drama.  I was a funny first time mama.  It's almost embarrassing. I couldn't change a diaper right if my life depended on it. 

My house is pretty darn clean right now.  I look around and wonder why it still feels a little icky to me.  It dawned on me that it needs a good paint job in just about every room.  The paint has worn off some from all the scrubbing and just general wear.  I'm no longer able to clean off those prints and marks on the wall because it just needs new paint.  Ohhhh, how I loathe painting.  I always pick the wrong color.  I don't know if I've ever picked the right color.  The one color I got right was because my sister suggested it to me.  Hilarious.  I need to hire this talented lady to come and give suggestions for every room. 

I really feel like God has gifted me a new friend that I had seen but almost overlooked because of my busyness.  She was always sitting on the right side of the church, towards the front.  She seemed a bit shy.  I kept looking over at her and wondering why I hadn't went over to say hello.  When I did, I was pleasantly surprised!  She is a good cook and very good mom.  I can't believe I almost missed out on her awesomeness.  I need to get some lessons from her on her awesomeness.  She's not a perfectionist, she's real.  I like real.  When I find a real person that loves God first, family second, everything else last, that's my kind girl!  Lately, I've been bombarded, literally, by people I've been running into that just have brought back that joy in my heart.  People that make me realize that there is still soooooo much good in people and I had just been too busy to see it.  This world can be a very harsh place.  It's good to have good friends. Real friends.  Not the Stepford Wives type.  Heh heh. 

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