Thursday, August 29, 2013

For All to See - Mommies Online

It's hard for me to write when I'm told by people around me what I can and cannot write about.  Instead of it diverting my attention away from the matter, my mind constantly wants to put it all in writing.  This has always relieved my mind of any burdens even though I am super careful what I write about.  Sorry about writing about the camping trip.  I only wrote what happened and never meant any harm.  I never want to hurt anyone.  I guess maybe sometimes it might be hard for me to see the difference between just writing what happens in my life verses slander.  I really, really honestly didn't mean to slander anyone and that is why I wrote about the camping trip but gave no names. 

Since I was a little girl I loved to write.  I used to keep a journal all growing up since 5th grade.  I never wrote it for anyone to see but I also didn't write it to hide anything.  It was like having a friend that didn't judge.  Somewhere I could tell my thoughts without getting in trouble for it.  In 2006 I discovered blogging. I saw it as my online journal for my own eyes but still knowing others could see.  So I don't write to please others or to put up fronts.  I write for me and it happens to be public.  It was never meant to be a means of ammunition for others.  But if it is used in that way, I can't control it. My blog.  My writing.  My pictures. 

Moving on.  I've always had a pretty harsh image of God.  I'm not sure why but in some ways I do know why.  My parents didn't ever give me that image.  I tend to think God is waiting up in heaven, watching my ever move, and waiting for a fall so I can be flick away for all eternity.  Oh, how I hate my view of God.  I think there are just so many churches out there that preach so drastically different that it can be confusing.  Some that are harsh judgment all the time.  You never measure up.  God is always mad.  Then there are the greasy grace.  The kind where sin is never, ever confronted and open sin in the church is accepted and tolerated.  One thing that bothers me is each section of churches that put down each other's teachings. A lot like mud slinging.  I've been guilty of thinking that my church is the only way and all others are false.  I know, I'm so embarrassed to admit that!  I really think if we somehow just compared the doctrine to Gods' word, being careful we don't do our own editing and removing of the bible, and be kind to each other we'd be a much bigger force.  Rather than mud slinging, joining together and really pray for our country.  Pray for our president, whether we like him or not.  Pray for our schools.  Our kids.  Our unsaved loved ones.  Imagine if the born again Christians banded together, put away our petty differences, and worked together to see change in this country.  For 7 years I attended a Christian homemakers group.  Someone had told me it was bad to attend because it wasn't in my own church.  However, those 7 years I blossomed!  I was taught how to be a godly mother, wife, homemaker, etc.  Those weekly meetings did so much for my family I will always be so grateful.  Yes, it was a different church than my own but I learned so much.

I say us mommies need not worry about being judged for showing life like it is in our own homes.  Using our blogs as a ministry to show others our triumphs but not be scared to share our weaknesses.  Besides, only showing a perfect side of us encourages others very little.  His strength is made perfect in our weakness.  Blog for you but keep in mind those you may be encouraging (or discouraging) in the process.  Don't let anyone bully you or tell you what you can or cannot write about.  Be YOU. 

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