Monday, July 29, 2013

Dry-Me Bedwetting Alarm Review

The Bed Wetting Store sent me the Dry-Me Bedwetting Alarm for one of my kids to try.  My son is older than seven and still has an issue with bed wetting.  He is SUCH a deep sleeper and has no clue when he does this till he wakes up in the morning.  It's very embarrassing for him and a lot of work for us. 

I was sent the alarm along with the book Seven Steps to Nighttime Dryness

You'll learn:
  • The myths of bedwetting: what causes it and what doesn't
  • Which treatment options are available and which one is best for your child
  • How to choose–and effectively use–a bedwetting alarm
  • How to know when it's time to start treatment
  • How to get your child on board
  • When to stop treatment and pronounce your child "cured"
My son was a little unsure about using the alarm but figured it out pretty quick.  Being that he's so used to sleeping hard straight through the night, he thought it was pretty cool having the alarm to wake him.  EVEN THOUGH it was when he wet his pj's.  It still is getting him into a habit to wake up when he needs to go.  He never minded the wake up in the middle of the night.  I quickly began to see an improvement in his ability to sleep at least a bit lighter to know when he needs to potty. I mean, this kid could sleep through an earthquake so I was happy to see this working.  At first his big brothers would wake him up to the alarm when he peed and then he began to wake up on his own within just a few days.  Also, you can have it do random alarms sounds so they don't get used to one sound and sleep through it. 

It's awesome and definitely a product worth giving a try!  I've tried everything you can think to help my son and this is the one that worked. They have other options of alarms at the store so make sure to take a peak! 

Here's more about how the alarm works:

The alarm is small and lightweight and features a plastic clip molded directly on the back of the alarm unit, which clips comfortably at the shoulder area or collar of the child’s pajamas. The alarm’s small moisture sensor is threaded under your child’s shirt and is clipped to the outside of close fitting underwear where wetness would first occur. This bedwetting alarm is well made and designed to go off at the first sign of moisture.

The Dry-Me alarm has three customizable alert settings that allow you to pick between sound & vibration, sound only, or vibration only. When sounds are used, the alarm will play 8 random sounds so that your child does not tune out one specific sound. Each sound is delivered at high volume to effectively rouse your child from sleep. When vibration is used, the alarm delivers a continuous strong pulse. Most children respond best to sound and vibration simultaneously, so the alarm is set to do both when you receive it. In addition to these alert features, the alarm also lights up when urine is detected, making it easy to locate in the dark. Comes in unisex red color.

If you are an Amazon shopper like me and you like to get things through Prime then here is a link straight to it.


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Not sure how to post a link of a facebook post. I commented on your facebook blog post. Is that enough?

Melanee Tiffany said...

I 'liked' the bedwetting facebook page

Mary said...

This is a Great tool! I wish this was available when I was a kid. Saves the embarrisment of smelling like pee eww :P

katychick said...


this is great- my sons friend has a bed wetting problem- this could help him.
tcogbill at live dot com