Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Dangers of Roblox - Updated

Updated in red:

I have carefully, or so I thought, allowed some gaming back into the house but not till after certain rules are followed. No gaming before noon and only after we've had bible study.
With Roblox being a fun building game I figured it was all about that and safe for kids. However, the other day I saw my 12 year old pacing in the living room and very upset. I asked him what was wrong and he was afraid to tell me. I asked him to tell me and I wouldn't be mad. He then hesitantly told me that he went into another person's world that someone created and saw full pornography. I guess on Roblox people can upload their own photos.  Bad idea on Roblox's part for sure.  I had to ban them from a creative game they love as a result.
As much as I try to protect them with filters on the computers, everywhere I turn there seems to be this kind of garbage. 
I don't care what anyone says. Pornography is a sin and it destroys families and is never satisfied. Satan knows that if he can plant a seed in a young mind he can possibly hook them for life. Sin is progressive and is never satisfying. Pornography IS adultery. Hollywood may try to shrug it off as harmless but remember that Hollywood has frogged many a generations. Hollywood mocks clean young men and woman by making movies like The 40 Year Old Virgin. Like its unheard of and weird. They make marriage look cold and uninviting. They make fornication and adultery look exciting. Hollywood mocks Jesus and the Bible. So remember, just because Hollywood says pornography is normal, remember what it's doing to young men and families. Basically, live your life opposite of Hollywood.  Your life is not over if you decide you want to get married, live clean, have children. Or even if you want to wait and not have set before marriage!
As of now Roblox is banned on our computers. A good alternative so far I believe is Minecraft and family friendly. ;)
Update: I've had some discussions on Instagram when this was posted.  If you would like to read, my screen name is MeetVirginias7 and you can look for the Roblox picture I posted above.  Several Roblox players were trying to tell me it's not Roblox's fault that people do this and I should allow my kids to play anyway.  That they'd be missing a great opportunity.  They are completely missing my point.  It's good that Roblox looks for people misusing the game and bans them but my son still saw the bad picture.  You can't erase in his mind what he saw.  He is only 12 and I don't know how quickly he'll forget that image.  Even if there is only a 5% chance he could run into another bad picture, that is not a risk I want to take.  :P  Anyway, can read more of the discussion on Instagram.  :D
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