Friday, July 26, 2013

Family Fun: Old Rules Out the Window

I've needed to paint sooooo bad but because I am so bad at picking out colors I haven't done it. I dread it because 90% of the times I painted, I disliked the results. Today I went out and bought some paint for my scuffed up hallway and I'm not feeling too confident about the color. Sigh.  I have to paint though because in my house we made it super kid friendly. We laid down all tile which means roller skating and scootering (making up a word there) is allowed. That means the hallway gets lots of marks. ;) Rough housing on the couch is allowed which means we have gone through couches faster than probably other families.  That's okay.  It's a fun house!

Recently I took Ivy to a waterpark for her birthday and it was really scary. No joke. They have added some scary slides at that place. I screamed on every slide and closed my eyes on about half of them. By closing time I was so relieved it was over and collapsed in bed once I made it home. Eek!  Unfortunately, my boys are now asking for that experience for their birthday. I'm thinking about hiring a friend to go in my place. I know. Super wimpy of me. Big complaint here of something that really bothers me. These places can be so unfriendly to families because of all the teensy, weensy, itty-bitty bikinis. I wish so bad they had just one family day that had a one piece dress code. I won't even let my 8 year old wear a bikini. A 5 year old? Maybe. I basically put a halt on it when Ivy started kindergarten. One time I had a 10 or 11 year old girl at my house and she ran out to jump on our trampoline in a tiny bikini. I chased her back inside and asked her to get some clothes on. I have boys in my house. ;)  Gotta protect my boys.

In just a few days I have a teenager. Aaaaaaagh!


Chris H said...

I agree about bikinis on little girls. Just not right.
I am sure the boys would love the waterpark.

Unknown said...

I don't mind the little kids bikinis, I think I'm more concerned with the bigger people (adults) wearing bikinis that they shouldn't be wearing. LOL! I see a lot of those at our water parks, and it's gross. I hear you on the painting though. We just had a painting fest at our house today and I'm in LOVE with this color that I've been eyeing up for about 10 months. Like I said...ugh! If I could marry a color, it would be THAT ONE! LOL! I just posted a few pictures on my blog. We got the homeschooling room ready, it's painted and ready to go!