Friday, April 26, 2013

Ready for Summer Break and More Time for Family Fun

My poor hubby is just so tired from work. I've never been the type of gal that likes a guy to work overtime unless it was essential for overtime. We just want daddy home and we miss him
right now. Mr. Smarty pants has a lot of demands on him. Recently he got a really big raise which we were super excited about. However, he got a job offer from a different company willing to match his pay if he'll switch. They are very family oriented there and rarely ask for overtime. I guess our biggest worry is stability and not wanting to make the wrong choice. Sigh. Both companies are competing for him and now he just has to decide.

I posted some more pics of Juliet where instead of her wrestling with Caleb, she is playing with big Henry. Our big, big dog. She thinks the Chihuahua is a toy and Bella is very scared of her. That's why she had to hire Henry as her bodyguard.

We are trudging along with our homeschool curriculum but you can bet we are making a big switch this year.  We will be done with everything by May 30th.  YESSSSS!  That, my friend, is amazing and a miracle. We have certainly had our battles this year and keeping the kids on top of their work. I consistently follow a schedule everyday for the kids so they know what to do but still, after all these months, they try to get days off . Little stinkers. Daddy is gonna attend the homeschool convention this year to help me decide. We are so excited!

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