Monday, April 08, 2013

Homeschooling Kids in Band

The kids band concert is coming up so I've had to get more serious about getting their instruments all set up. I've spent a lot of time in music stores the last three days getting what they needed. We had a drum set before that got completely destroyed when I had some kids over. I didn't bother fixing it because I was worried about the cost. We're finally getting around to getting it all repaired. Otherwise I'll be having to pay $300 for another new set like it.

Today I visited the band room to see how my kids were doing with listening to their teacher and playing their instruments correctly. Also, I wanted to see where they needed help in reading their music.

I loved that I grew up knowing how to read music!  By having that skill you can pretty much play any instrument you want.  My husband is an amazing drummer I can can quickly see the difference at church between drummer players. Whether or not they are a trained drummer. Trained drummers can play different styles. Anyway, I am so blessed this school for homeschool kids gives them this opportunity.

A few of the kids are gonna take guitar lessons so we took Ryans guitar in and got some things fixed on it. So excited to see the kids into music!

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