Thursday, April 11, 2013

Grace vs. Law Gestapos/Scared of Teen Days Coming

This season is tough and once again I have a couple of sick babies.  I've missed the last two church services and times like this I wish we had live streaming for us mommies at home. That sounds kinda spoiled, huh? Recently I thought maybe I should do what the other moms do and just sit out in the foyer. Okay, will not be doing that again. There are no chairs so I just pace back and forth and Juliet loves to be really loud so I was trying to keep her far from the church doors. I was wondering why I didn't just stay home and let her get better. I think it just feels nice to feel like you at least made the effort and God sees that. Not that church is what makes you a Christian but it's a source of nourishment and encouragement.

It's tough being a Christian with so much media and entertainment everywhere. The influences of Hollywood seem to be everywhere. I know some people take it extreme and won't even allow themselves to see a Christian movie or own one. If I did that, In my opinion, that would be just bordering the line of living by rules rather than by grace. The whole point of avoiding Hollywood is because their morals are so jacked up that they pretty much go opposite of the bible. Not a good thing to be cramming into my kids' heads. (I know there are some innocent movies like Finding Nemo that don't violate morals). Movies of moral value and encouragement, such as Facing the Giants and Fireproof, are not only encouraging but are teaching morality and the Scriptures. Believe it or not, I've had people get on me for owning Christian movies. I pretty much chalk it up to the bible times where Jesus would be questioned nonstop by the Law Gestapos . Their thinking was way off base. Thankfully, Jesus confronted them on it and it must've been pretty important for us to know because it made it into the Scriptures!

Speaking of...  I've been really trying to balance grace vs. being the rule master with my two older ones. Now parenting is getting much tougher for me. My two older boys are really starting to pay attention to the Bible and applying it to their daily lives. Or shall I say, they are starting to really understand temptation and the influences of the world around us. I've been noticing my boys having to avert their eyes more in public. Girls being flirty towards them, etc. Agh!  I don't feel ready for this teen stuff that's about to hit. Last night as I laid in bed I just longed for them to stay little. I don't mind the diapers, sippy cups, bottles, and little offenses here and there. Heck, I've been changing diapers without ANY breaks since the year 2,000. No joke. That is no big deal in comparison to what I feel is coming. Sigh...  I better make sure I completely and totally seek God's counsel and DIVE into scripture for guidance. Excuse me while I go get my swimming clothes on.

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