Monday, April 01, 2013

Happy Resurrection Day 2013!

Here are lots of pictures of our Easter Sunday. Of course we celebrated Jesus' resurrection at church and did the communion. The highlight was me leaning over to tell Kyle to be careful not to spill. As I leaned over I bumped into his cup of red juice and it spilt all over the front white seat.  Ummm....  Lol.

After church we had an Easter egg hunt with family.  It was pretty hot and by the end of it I got a really, really bad headache. I went home and just laid in a dark room. It didn't go away all night. Argh.  Was still a great day except for that!


Mary said...

Your Dad and Mom are so proud of You!!
Beautiful Family..WOW!:-)

Joni Haddin said...

I am really in astonishment how you get a bad headache during a game in which decorated eggs, real hardened ones or non-natural, filled with or made of chocolate candies, of different sizes, are out of sight in different places for kids to locate. What the real reason of your bad headache?