Thursday, April 18, 2013

Crazy AIMS Testing Week

My boys had to go to school and do AIMS testing all week but since it only took 2-3 hours each day, we would wait at a nearby McDonald's. On Monday, before school, we took all the kids to Monday free breakfast at IKEA. On Tuesday, we took the them to kids eat free lunch after their testing was over. On Wednesday I took the kids to the feed store after testing so they could spend their chore money. They wanted to buy some baby chicks. They got two quail and two roosters. On Thursday, their last day of testing, I treated them to an ice drink for finishing. We are sooooo relieved it's over. We are so not used to playing the mommy taxi cab. It's actually quite exhausting and not very productive, that's for sure. Not much home cooking went on this week because of it and we easily spent over $50 in gas. So glad we homeschool.  :D

At IKEA Ryan introduced Juliet to the lemon and Juliet went back and forth from wanting it to shaking her head to get away from it. Was so cute.  I got each of the kids an ice cream cone there and Juliet squealed very loud to let me know she wanted one too.

I think Juliet is a bit spoiled around here. I've been sweeping and resweeping several times a day to make sure she can crawl around without putting stuff in her mouth. She hates being in the play pen or bouncer. She wants to be free!!  Well, even when I give her the chance to, someone else will come along and pick her up. It'll probably be awhile before she learns to walk because of it. :D

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