Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Baby Blues and Crib Crashers

My baby, littlest baby, is turning one in three weeks! What happened?  I've been changing diapers and not getting good sleep for almost 13 years straight but for some reason have never got sick of it.  I know why. I asked for patience and I thought I would achieve that after one kid. If that's a patience test, it is the hardest most amazing test I've ever had. No really. No matter how hard my days can be at times, they are such a joy.

Juliet is not happy being put in a swing, playpen, crib, or bouncer. She just wants freedom. Sometimes I let her but do you know how hard that is with so many other kids leaving stuff out?  Legos, for example. Killer on my feet and choking hazard for her. She puts everything in her mouth. I have to grab the broom and make it as spotless as possible. I know. Totally not in my nature.

Every morning Caleb crawls in her crib and they wake up slowly together. Once they really wake up Juliet will usually start to playfully attack him. It is so cute to wake up to them.


Unknown said...

Oh I can totally relate!! My baby is turning ONE today! How quickly that year went by, you know? The crib snugglers sound so cute too...so glad your children love each other! :)

Joni Haddin said...

Amazing post with natural beautiful pics of your kid.Ya its a fact that the time we spent with our kids was everlasting and memorable.