Saturday, December 08, 2007

Tough Day

This has been a really rough day for me and I am just so shaky from it. Tonight was my husband's office party night at a restaurant across town. Well, I asked my husband where it was but somehow I didn't listen close enough. I just started driving to where I thought it was and there was horrible traffic. Along the way my husband and I just kept seeing horrible accidents and it was raining on top of it. Really bad accidents. We must've seen at least 10 tonight. We started at 4:30pm driving to take kids to different babysitters (the boys and a friend's, and Ivy at my moms). We didn't expect such bad traffic all the way there. So, I finally get there and it slowly dawns on me that I was on the wrong side of town. I mean, WRONG side. We were already 10 minutes late for the party. So we headed to the other side of town and it took 45 minutes. We got there an hour late! We sit down and have a nice dinner with presents and bonus checks. When we go to head home I give Charles the wrong directions out of the restaurant. I got mixed around. So then we had to find the freeway and once I did, I went the wrong direction. We went even further into the next town till I realized my mistake. We had to turn around and drive REALLY far back to my friend's house. After we left, we were sitting at a stop light waiting for it to turn green. When it turn green, for once I was just relaxed so I took off slow. All of a sudden I heard Charles yell at the top of his lungs STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I slammed on my brakes in time to see a large tow truck barrel right past me. He had ran a red going extremely fast, way over the speed limit. Also, he was driving erratically like he was drunk. If Charles hadn't of literally screamed at me, I know we would've been dead because he was that close. If I had not been relaxed, starting to edge out slow, and then slammed on my brakes fast, he would have broad sided me. I was so shaky I pulled over to where I saw a cop and told him what happened. He then went after the guy to catch him before he could kill someone on the road. I was going to go to the store but we just went straight home. By just 6 that evening there had already been over 15 accidents on the road. We just want to be safe inside. Scary night.

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