Saturday, December 08, 2007

Christmas Tree Fun

Tonight was our Christmas tree fun decorating with the kids! The kids really loved it and although Charles and I have of course done it for many years, this is a tradition the kids are newer to and will look back on it for many years! Right away the kittens have had fun with the ornaments. But... have no fear. We have shatterproof ornaments. Yes, this idea comes from my smart in-laws. So, now I don't have to come running in from another room 10 times a day to see who just shattered another one. Ahhh... relaxing. :o) The next best thing is reading next to the tree with a good book and sipping hot cocoa. All I'm missing is a fireplace! I know there are some lucky ones out there with one! Even luckier, those who have snow. Don't worry, we're gonna take the kids out this year for the first time to see snow. Yay!

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