Monday, December 17, 2007

Everything Breaking?

This pic is so cute. It's my mother-law, and my cute husband with his little sister Melanie.

Man, this has been a weird month. My family has been getting sick like crazy and our fridge is dying and our van is having problems. Sheesh-la-weez! But, you know, instead of freaking out, I have to remind myself that life happens and sometimes when it rains it pours. I was not feeling good today and I could hardly stand. After running into a couple of walls because I couldn't keep my balance, I admitted that it was time for me to go lay down. You have to know me, I rarely sit down unless I'm at the computer. Even when I eat, I tend to stand up. So, I finally went to lay down (sorta fell down into couch) and crashed with my son on top of me and my little girl next to me. Anyhow, my sister is as I write this, heading on a plane from Capetown, South Africa and the family will be visiting for one month. Then they will return back there for another couple of years. Boy, do I miss her!!!!!! It's a 22 hour flight so they will be in around evening time on Monday. Can't wait!
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