Thursday, December 06, 2007

Beginnings of Homeschooling

Well, I've officially started homeschooling. I have never been busier in my entire life! Whew! I mean, I literally don't have much time for cleaning so it is essential that we learn how to clean as we go along. Pick up after ourselves. I think I literally have the laziest kids on the planet. (Except for my middle son Ryan). I mean as soon as I say it's time to clean, they go from playing to lying on the floor saying that they are just so exhausted they can't even stand up. Sooo, I tell them to get their so called tired butts off the floor and help out. :D We are a family so we work together. Three times a week we go to the YMCA so I can attend my aerobics classes. Although I've never been busier, I am truly the happiest I've ever been. I love staying busy. I can't stand being idle. I know my parents (who remember my teens so well) might fall over from that last statement but it's the truth. People do change! LOL! Between lesson plans, cooking three times a day, cleaning, nursing, errands, laundry, and running to that darn phone, it leaves little time for free time. Which.... I might add.... can actually be good thing. I spend my free times after 7:30pm when kids are in bed. That's the, "Let's kick on the music, eat some snacks, and lounge around time." Fun! LOL! Thank you to my homeschooling friends for being an encouragement to me and helping me to see that it is possible. :o)
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