Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sore Loser

So now that my baby is 3 months old I've been wanting to jump back into my exercise routine. I've loved working out ever since I was a teen. Although back then, it was more for just toning. Um, now it's for serious toning. Yeah. So I attending my first TBC class (total body conditioning). I thought, "oh man, I am seriously out of shape". Man, what one pregnancy can do in just 9 months time. So, in order to do some serious repair work, I am going three times a week. So I wake up this morning and I am so sore I can hardly bend over. I mean, it really hurts. On top of that, I only slept maybe 4 1/2 hours. In the middle of the night my 2 year old wanted water so I got up to give her some. The problem with that is sometimes when I get up like that, I can't go back to sleep. So I was awake for an hour before I could fall back asleep. Yikes. Then I realized my little 3 month old needed a diaper change. Just as I was going to start falling asleep, she woke up hungry. (Chuckle) That's how it is with a newborn! All in all, this has been a sore day for me but I will do it again tomorrow! Then be sore Thursday. Then workout again on Friday.... until I get used to it again. Hopefully with all this workout, I will also be a sore loser. (As in losing weight.)

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