Saturday, October 20, 2007

Easy to Make Tortellini Soup

This time Kyle helped me with making Tortellini soup the other night. He had lots of fun and just begged me to take a picture. What a cute little chef. My sister Jodee was the one who got me into this soup. It is so incredibly delicious, unbelievably easy, and a great way to get your child to eat spinach.

*Family Size bag of 3 cheese Tortellini
*One box of frozen chopped spinach (Drained of juices once thawed)
*5 cans of chicken broth.

Once you bring the broth and spinach to a boil, just add the Tortellini for 7-9 minutes and you have the easiest soup to make in the world! My kids love this stuff and always beg me to make it.

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