Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lunch Downtown with my Sister

My family and I had lunch downtown yesterday with just my two little girls. Boy, was Ivy a handful. Sheesh. She was just all over the place and didn't want to sit in any highchair. She is just so independent that it's hard to do anything for her. That's normally okay, when they're older, not at two. A two year old needs to be guided, her hand held. Not running around wrecking stores. Anyway, my sister's store is downtown. She manages the New York and Co. store. So, my mom, dad, me, and the kids all went in to meet her and then ate at one of the restaurants. I had so much fun visiting with everyone, except for the fact that Ivy was everywhere. I had to swat her a few times. Ashley just slept the whole time. Here is a pic of my sister holding Ashley and another of my dad and I at the table.

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