Saturday, October 20, 2007

Rowdy Boys?

Okay, is it just me or are my boys more hyper than other boys? Every now and then I will see a family of boys and they'll be happy with just walking around the house, talking to their mom, reading a book, playing on the floor with their Legos. Not mine! They must think we are deaf because they don't just talk, they almost yell when they talk! Where do they get those vocal chords? It's not that they are trying to yell, they just think their brothers are deaf. LOL! I think I could go deaf if they keep this up.

My boys have visited the ER many times since they've turned one, know the ER staff from frequent ouchies and stitches or losing teeth. They are allowed to run in the house but the rule is once you cross over into the living room, all yelling and rowdiness must cease. Charles and I call it the "Peace Room". Notice this is much different from the Peace Pipe. Everyone thinks they have to talk louder than the other one to be heard.

When I see these calm kids in some families, I rack my brains wondering whether it's genetics, whether they are drugged, or if the kids is so terrified of their parents they are scared into silence. Just kidding on the latter. The only consolation I have is in a book I read by James Dobson. He said it is very much genetics. If you and your husband were both very hyper children, what makes you think you'll have calm children? Ooooh man. It's set in the stars for us. As children, Charles and I bounced off the walls. Trust me. I remember. I hope there are other moms with boys like mine. At least I wouldn't feel alone! Don't fret though. I am very much working on mellowing out these boys before they get married. (Uh, yeah).
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