Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Pumpkin Carving

After we laid the boys down, Charles and I had fun of our own with games and pumpkin Carving. We played Clue together first and then each carved a pumpkin. It was fun! Can you believe I haven't done one in years? That's why my little one doesn't have a top on it. I did that part wrong so I could put he "lid" back on. I put my little pumpkin of top of my piano. Charles did the bigger one. We're not big fans of Halloween so we didn't do scary faces. However, I'm not about to take out the fun of it by not participating. Our church puts on a party for the kids and they wear costumes but not scary ones. They play games all night and win candy while the rest of us head out to the streets that draw halloween crowds. We all witness and share the news of Jesus with everyone. It's awesome! We will carve pumpkins with the kids right before Halloween.

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Perri said...

Very cool pumpkins. My kids love to carve them.