Sunday, October 14, 2007

Jasmine Had Her Kittens!

Our little Jasmine had her kittens today just before church! We noticed she was meowing all day long. We didn't know why she meowing all day and was trying to go into a closet constantly. We didn't want her to have her kittens in there so we kept trying to show her to the box we put out for her in the hallway closet. It has a towel in it we will just throw away. We shut all the bedroom doors so she couldn't get in them. Just as we were about to leave for church, we saw her crouching on the floor. We were like "oh my gosh! She's gonna have them on the tile!". So I ran to get the bin I made and Charles gently laid her in it. We all sat around with the kids and watched her have her first kitten. We had to get in the van to make it to church on time so while we were gone, she had two more. One all black and two mostly black, just white on tummy and some on face. They are just so precious!! We are enjoying watching the little kittens with their mommy so much. The kids are excited they got to experience it. So cute!!!
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