Wednesday, October 10, 2007

My Kids at School Choir

Today I woke up realizing that I missed the kid's ride to school. then I woke up later realizing that I was about to miss my kid's singing at their school. I jumped out of bed, got ready as fast as possible, meaning I looked like crud. Charles and I headed to the school huffing and puffing to not miss it. As we ran into the school and sat down, we realized we forgot to change our 4 year old's clothes before we left. Since he still pees his bed, he smelt like it. It was so embarrassing! Then Ashley needed to nurse but I forgot her blanket to cover up so I had to make her wait to eat. Well, instead of having the little kids sing first, the school had all the big kids go first. We sat there for an hour and half before our boy's went up! We saw later that these kids weren't singing choir songs, they were all dancing! I couldn't believe the dances the girls were doing, even little girls. We were like, "no way are our kids gonna dance like that". Well, there was this boy that danced really great and Chaz was mentally writing down notes on how to do it. It was okay though because it was mostly feet work type stuff. We didn't realize how much Chaz was mentally copying it though. When Chaz and Ryan went up, they just did little cute dancing. But not Chaz! Oh no. He was doing the moves and twisting around. He looked good! We couldn't believe it. I knew right then and there he didn't get that from my blood. I can't dance. Aerobics is about it. After having to endure some of the high school girls singing solos and watching lots of dancing, we finally got to hear our boy's class. The little girl that is standing next to Ryan in picture is his friend Alexandra who also goes to our church. Finally after 2 hours of this and me cheering and yelling "you rock!" to the kids, embarrassing and making Charles turn red, smelling yucky clothes from our son, Ashley fussing from being hungry, and Ivy trying to escape her stroller, we were finally free! LOL!


Unknown said...

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Happy Elf Mom (Christine) said...

Boy, I'll bet you were really glad to get home after that escapade!! I'd have probably asked a nearby woman to position herself in front of me or loan a jacket or something as a cover... poor baby!

Sounds like you're back into the swing of things to make it at all though.

Mrs. C.

Melany aka Supermom said...

You should try to practising breastfeeding her without a blanket. It is actually way less obvious that you are breastfeeding than when you use a cover.

I can imagine you must have been exhausted and happy to get home after all of that! :)