Wednesday, September 05, 2012

The World from a Child's View

Today we are going back to the Kroc center where the kids go swimming.  We haven't gone since Ivy got burned because she wasn't allowed to get her bandage wet.  Well, our recent visit to the burn ward said she is healed and now we just have to make sure it's not exposed to the sun.  Well, the Kroc center has an indoor water park so that's perfect for us!  I love going during the day while all the other kids are in school because it's so quiet there.

It's hard to not constantly want to find fun activities for my kids. Seeing them be adventurous and enjoy everything in the city makes my heart joyous.  It's so neat to look at the world through their eyes.  This month my kids will be dissecting an octopus at the science center. I decided this time it'll just be the older boys so the little ones aren't being distracting.  We'll go around and experience everything in the center.  I don't really want to smell the dead octopus anyway.  Heh heh... Yesterday we were heading somewhere with the kids and when I had to stop for gas Ryan mentioned he wanted to clean the windows.  It's so much easier to just say "No, no, no" all the time but I remember what it was like to be a kid.  Charles said it's scary how much I remember.  Feelings, smells (remember onions to a kid?), how the world looked from the view of a child.  Sometimes it's easier to constantly say no to kids because it's just easier.  I went ahead and let Ryan which made it take longer to leave the gas station but I got clean windows out of it and Ryan was happy.  I have to remember that when kids ask to help, I should be careful to not always say no.  Their teen years are coming after all and I'm not sure they'll be so quick to volunteer.  :D  I remember one time offering to wash the dishes when I was a kid. When a relative saw I wasn't doing the best job, they told me not even to bother.  So I didn't.  I never volunteered again.


I found this awesome site (Great Products) that sells some really cool products.  I ordered three shirts from them and plan on getting several more.  They are not telling me to write this, I just love the site and wanted to share.  :D  Here are the three shirts I ordered so far since they are having a major sale on them.  I ordered them according to personality.  Kyle loves rock music, Ryan's always trying to act like a ninja and Chaz likes zombies even though we don't let him watch those kinds of movies.  LOL.

I really want them to make a bumper sticker that shows a bunch of kids or something and says, "This is OUR party bus."  From the oustside you can hear music, kids laughing, singing, and mommy and daddy trying to talk over the noise.

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