Saturday, September 15, 2012

The Ultimate Guide to Cloth Diapers

I got a chance to read and now review the ebook The Ultimate Guide to Cloth Diapers.  This is FANTASTIC and saves me so much time.  You have no idea how many hours of searches I was doing for every little question I had (Not fun considering misinformation I had to sift through). It's ALL in this book.  Throughout the ebook Autumn Beck gives you links which is really helpful.  I honestly wish I had found this book before my first day of using cloth diapers on the baby because I had no idea how to prep them for first use.

This ebook is not just a little booklet with some information, the name says it exactly.  There is a ton of money and time saving tips to help you.  If you are thinking about cloth diapering your child, think about purchasing this book first.  

-Autumn Beck

Questions I had answered:

1. How to prep diapers BEFORE their first use.

2. Is there anything dangerous about disposable diapers?  (This one will shock you).

3. Can you try out cloth diapers before you buy them?

4. There are soooo many different cloth diapers out there, which ones to buy and why?

5. How do you strip diapers?

6. Which diaper rash creams are safe for cloth diapers?

7. How to make your own fitted diaper (whoa, that's awesome).

8.  How to diaper your baby with prefolds and flats.

9. How to wash cloth diapers.

Oh my goodness, there is just soooo much in the book and this is just a tad.  I know you'll love the book!  It really is the ULTIMATE guide.  The book isn't cheap but if you consider how much money is wasted on buying the wrong cloth diapers, buying disposables, or not knowing how to care for cloth diapers properly, then it is really worth it.  

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