Monday, September 10, 2012

Safe Detergents for Cloth Diapers & Safe Foods for the Body

In my quest for learning more about cloth diapers, I'm discovering how icky most laundry detergents are.  I had no idea there were so many tricks companies use to give you the illusion of brighter or cleaner clothes.  I also discovered that I cannot use my homemade laundry detergent on my cloth diapers.  There are enzymes in it that breakdown the fabric.  That will eventually cause the diapers to leak.  Well, always trying to be frugal minded, I then wondered where I can go to buy some of this all natural, no enzymes, no dyes, no brighteners, no fabric softeners, no scents detergent.  Well,  I found Sprouts has their own detergent with none of the harmful ingredients in it.  This week it was buy one get one free for $14.99 and since I have a front loader, that's 200 washes.  Good deal!  I need to go back and buy more of them.  This detergent isn't even mentioned on the list so I had to just check it out for myself.  If you'd like to see a list of safe detergents, here it is. :)  This is good for allergy issues too.

I went ahead and made my own cloth wipes because I figure if I'm already doing a wash for cloth diapers, might as well add in the cloth wipes rather than go and purchase them every week.  That cuts out more couponing for me.  

Apple Cider Vinegar
Sooo, I started my calorie diet but then switched over to The Primal diet (mostly meat and vegetables and keeping carbs low) a week and a half ago.  8 lbs lost so far and I'm finally able to start fitting into some clothes again.  I know it seems nuts but the primal diet just doesn't feel like a diet to me.  I'm having crazy amounts of energy without crashing and dealing with exhaustion.  I've always preferred meat and vegetables so it's perfect for me.  My husband really likes Italian food so I made that a lot for him.  Yeah, um, not as much anymore. My pastor's wife went out and bought me Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother in it and I'm excited to read all of the things it can help with your body ailments.  Let me tell you now though.  GROSS taste.  I take a teaspoon with every meal and thankfully that really, really, really bad taste disappears in about 5 seconds when you wash it down.  Ohhhhh, I shudder.   Pick a strong juice like Orange Juice to wash it down.  Eek!  By the way, it can also help baby's diaper rash problem as it kills the fungus.