Monday, September 03, 2012

Kyle Turns Nine:10 Hour Birthday Fun!

Kyle turned 9!  We have three birthdays in the month of August and two in September so we have more coming.  Each kid got to choose what they wanted and Kyle picked his favorite place.  While we were in the fun place another dust storm hit.  Glad we were indoors!  Kyle picked his best friend to come along and we spent... get this... 10 hours there.  We were there longer some the workers shifts.  It cost a lot to go there and we weren't gonna waste it by staying only a couple of hours.  It's a huge place for the kids and they have a fantastic buffet.  I forgot my camera so I had to take pictures with my cell phone.  It's not nearly as good quality but oh well.

Caleb was limited on what he could ride and I couldn't really explain to him why he couldn't ride on everything.  However, he did get to be passenger in some rides which made his day.

The kids above are friend Jeremiah, Ryan, Ivy, and Ashley

I have several pictures of each kid on this exact ride around this age.  So cute.

Caleb loved the train!

Above: Okay, so Caleb decided he wanted to play miniature golf.  That last about 5 minutes and then I had to go return his ball and club.

Ryan is a good big brother taking Caleb on some rides.  Caleb got really dizzy on this one.  It was funny watching him trying to get off.  Below he had Caleb as a passenger.  I was playing with the camera feature on my cell phone so all four cars are the same one.  Couldn't get a clear picture.

Ashley is such a presenter and poser!  Ha ha.  
Ivy loooves to conquer new rock climbing walls and she gets to the top on every one.  So far she's climbed three different ones and will do it over and over. She's so adventurous.  

Above: We had been there for 10 hours and had to leave.  The workers actually let us stay an extra half hour after they closed.  The kids are standing by the Laser Tag room in this picture.  They are so goofy.  Notice Kyle on the far left on the ground.

Ashley and Ivy on the roller coaster.  I rode on this ride with them and I could barely walk when I got off.  LOL.  

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