Friday, September 28, 2012

Surgery Scheduled for Caleb

This time in our life has been such an incredible challenge.  Just when things look up I feel like my feet get kicked out from under me.  I have to keep getting back up though because I have a life to live, kids to love and care for, a best friend to have fun with, a husband that is amazing, a ministry to serve, and so much more.  God has somehow brought us through.  I'm amazed.

Caleb showing Nana his new car through the phone
Several days ago Caleb was having trouble going potty so we had to take him into the ER.  He was screaming and nothing would come out.  He would have bright red blood in his diaper.  Turns out, he needs to have a dilation done as it's very difficult for him to go and getting worse from irritation.  They don't want him potty training at all until he's healed and it's approved by the doctor.  He's scheduled for surgery on Wednesday.  It was Caleb's 3rd birthday when we brought him into the ER.  Thankfully, that day we had a fun day with him by taking him out and letting him pick out a toy.  I'm just sad it had to end bad but he's getting help so that's good.  Chaz will be getting an EKG soon to make sure everything is okay.  He's complained about chest pains and his heart pounding even when he's resting.  I'm gonna wait till we get done with Caleb's surgery so we can focus on that first.

Happy birthday, Caleb!

Well, this place kindly gave me two lobsters to bring home and cook.  I NEVER buy them and thought maybe it'd be easy.  Well, I unwrapped them at home and couldn't believe what I saw...  Yuck!   It had eyeballs and everything.  I had thought maybe they gave me parts, I don't know.  Now I know why I never buy these because they are so gross looking.  I was being a total wimp and asked my husband to put it in a pot for me.  We looked up a video online on how to cut apart a cooked lobster.  By the time it was done I'd gotten over my fear of these mini monsters and we ate it just fine. Still, I won't be buying one of those anytime soon.  
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