Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Vista, My Love!

Let me explain more why I have fallen in love with the new Window's Vista. Let me count the ways.... Okay, just one for now. The Parental Controls! I get to set what ratings the kids can play for their games. I get to protect them from accidentally going to "naughty sites". And.... I get to set time limits. That's right! It doesn't matter what they are doing, they will be logged off the moment their time limit is over. Yes, my friend. It's even preset at what times they can play. If they try to get up at 7am and login, it's blocked. That is waaaaayyyyy cool. They have their own login. They don't know my login's password so they have no choice but to only login to theirs. Yeehaw. Of course I know how to bypass those darn passwords. But that's my secret "know how". Ha... ha... ha..... So if they ever figure it out and try to set one on me, I can bypass that sucker. Oh, Vista is so cool. Why did I wait SO long to get it?????
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